Invest in Your Labor Force.

Finding the right team is just as important as selecting a suitable property or securing the best incentive package. Our firm uses research, data analytics, and expertise to help determine the best fit for your business.

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Leadership in Workforce Assessment.

Workforce Has Always Been a Consideration During the Site Selection Process, but it Has Become One of the Most Heavily Weighted Criteria Due to a Tightening Labor Market.

Forsythe & Associates understands what companies seek during the location selection process because of our many years of experience helping clients avoid the same workforce challenges they face in other locations. We have considerable experience analyzing data to evaluate workforce quality and availability, and that enables us to determine when insurmountable workforce issues exist. Forsythe & Associates recognizes that the labor market is continuously evolving, so a surplus today has the potential to become a shortage in the future. Therefore, we look to identify trends in a market that may be indicators of systemic problems that must be planned for and overcome.

The objective of the Workforce Assessment performed by Forsythe & Associates is to provide a detailed description of the current and future labor environment to assist companies with evaluating areas under consideration for development. The evaluation consists of secondary research included as part of a desktop analysis and primary research performed through existing industry interviews.
Forsythe & Associates Workforce Assessment

Desktop Analysis

Forsythe & Associates utilizes a variety of secondary data sources to conduct a detailed examination of the trends related to labor availability, labor cost, and demographic characteristics of the population within a labor shed. Comparative labor data helps illustrate the size of the available workforce, skill level, and specializations found within a labor shed, while the demographic data highlights the population and population change, age, diversity, gender, educational attainment, commuting patterns, and more.

Forsythe & Associates commonly evaluates workforce characteristics for a custom drive-time area surrounding a location of interest, while also exploring county and metro level areas whenever applicable. Drive-time areas take into consideration transportation routes and drive times anticipated when traveling to or departing a property during normal traffic conditions.

Employer Interviews

Forsythe & Associates conducts confidential, one-on-one interviews with representatives of existing employers within the same labor shed as the property being considered. Labor interviews provide valuable insight into the local operating environment that would be impossible to secure through third-party data sources.

Topics covered during the employer interview process include workforce demographics, shift schedules, commuting area, absenteeism and turnover, labor quality, labor management relations, wages and benefits, recruiting and training experience, and other business climate characteristics.