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Incentive Negotiation is Both Art and Science.

Forsythe & Associates Helps Clients Secure Favorable Terms for Long-Term Success.

Incentive negotiations are important to any capital investment decision, whether related to a new location, expansion, or consolidation. Since the economic health of a state/region depends on tax revenue and income growth, it is common for development agencies to offer incentives that promote business retention, expansion, and recruitment. Economic development organizations are eager to create partnerships with existing businesses and prospective companies to help them expand and achieve success. Their incentive programs are typically driven by job creation and the payroll associated with the new full-time jobs, capital investment, and the development or ramp-up schedule.

Some incentives or benefits are available by right and only require knowledge of their existence and an application (statutory). Others have been developed by enabling legislation that provide flexible guidelines for incentives that are used at the discretion of the respective development agency leadership (discretionary). In either case, Forsythe & Associates facilitates and guides the acquisition of all incentives, whether statutory or discretionary.

Forsythe & Associates views negotiation as both an art and a science. Like any science, it draws upon logic and a wealth of knowledge. However, good negotiation also requires intuitive, diplomatic skill - an "art" in which we demonstrate the value our clients' projects bring to a community and state/province. Forsythe & Associates strives for a "team building" success rather than an adversarial one. We achieve maximum benefit for our clients when all parties involved have a stake and a reward.

It is essential that negotiators have the kind of experience offered by Forsythe & Associates because it can be difficult to maintain a sense of cooperation and mutual benefit while securing the best outcome for the client. In accomplishing our clients' goals, we pursue the highest standard of excellence, ethics, and professionalism in all our negotiation engagements. This professionalism, along with our reputation for uncompromised integrity, allows us to have success.